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This page may be your first step to the realization of the oldest human dream - to fly free as a bird!
We invite you to a wonderful, breathtaking experiential paragliding flights, an experience for adventurers and romantics. A bird's-eye view from above without the sound of turbines or roar of propellers. No windows and closed cabins - unlimited field of view during flight time. An absolute silence, as in a dream, only the whisper of the wind and the infinite space of the fifth ocean around.


Grant yourself or your loved ones and relatives with this wonderful gift

The main instructor operates the glider when the passenger sits comfortably at the front and enjoys the amazing experience. The passenger's hands are free which allows him to take pictures during the flight. Tandem Paragliding Flights take place in the coastal areas of Netanya, Ga'ash, Arsuf
and the mountain area - Gilboa and the Golan Heights.


If you have never flew before - Do not miss this amazing experience!
And for extreme enthusiasts - tandem flights in the mountains.

Paragliding Courses​

The main purpose of the club is to popularize paragliding, one of the most beautiful sports, which we invite you to try. You will get not only a new form of leisure, but also a different perspective on our world. Paragliding is not just another sport, not just an extreme, it is the learning of human abilities, philosophy and lifestyle. ​​


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Contact info:


Phone#: 052-7024228


Email: alfa.sky3000@gmail.com


Address: Landing ground in front of the Ramada Hotel, NetAnya

בניית אתר - קידום פלוס

Alfa Sky - The Israeli Paragliding Club

33 ben-ami blvd,netanya, 56789​

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טלפון: 052-7024228




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